Why Join SHFM?

A Society Grounded in Service

Our members oversee all facets of corporate foodservice and workplace hospitality, from cafès and retail operations to catering, vending, fitness centers, child care services and conference planning and support, including audio/visual services.

We represent the most influential professionals in these industries—the people who directly provide these services and oversee purchasing decisions for hundreds of business campuses and millions of employees.


  • Client liaisons and self-operators
  • Major global, national and regional foodservice contract management companies and integrated facility management companies
  • Companies that provide products and services to our industry
  • Faculty and students from HRI programs across the United States


  • National Conference ($200 discount)
  • Critical Issues Conference ($130 discount)
  • Local Networking Events (variable discount)
  • Free access to Hospitality and Benchmarking Study
  • Conference Center Study  
  • Free listing in our online Industry Partner Resources
  • Our online Career Center
  • Young Professional Rising Star Scholarship Program
  • SHFM Foundation Programs - Student Showdown, Student Day, Scholarship and Research Award, Course Funding Award, Internships and Networking Events
  • Availability of SHFM Member Mailing List for Purchase
  • Our monthly e-newsletter, Food & Hospitality At Work
  • Our Presidents Quarterly, bringing you insights direct from industry leaders
  • Our online membership directory
  • Plus targeted white papers, educational resources and more
  • See our membership brochure


  • Operator (Unsure of your membership category? Check out Operator membership definitions by clicking here)  
    • Client Liaison and Self-Operator, Foodservice Contractor and Integrated Facility Manager - $475
  • Education 
    • Any individual who is an accredited faculty member teaching the Hospitality and Foodservice curriculum on a full-time basis at an accredited academic institution - $475
    • Student enrolled in a HRI/Culinary program - $25
  • Supplier
    • Supplier of Equipment, Food, Beverage, Technology or other goods, Consultant and Media - $675
  • Emeritus 
    • Retiree from the corporate foodservice/workplace hospitality industry from any category- $75
  • Young Professionals (39 years old and younger) 
    • Operator, Supplier and Education categories - $125
    • Proof of age is required
  • New Operator Client Liaisons, Self-Operators and Integrated Facility Managers - $245 for first year 
    • Applied automatically while joining online

In a continued commitment to diversity, the Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management (SHFM) announces a Diversity Business Enterprise Program for Supplier Members.

Who Qualifies?
Certified Women Business Enterprises, Minority Business Enterprises and Disabled Business Enterprises will be eligible for a 35 percent discount on annual SHFM Associate membership fees.

Normal Supplier Membership: $675            Diversity Business Enterprise Membership: $445

The Diversity Business Enterprise discount program is available by contacting SHFM Headquarters at 502-574-9931. Business Enterprises applying for this discount will need to submit documentation of their company’s enterprise status.

 OR download a PDF vesion of the Membership Application