University Research Projects 2020
The Foundation has established a research and scholarship program to support students in Hospitality and Foodservice Management Programs at accredited Colleges and Universities. The SHFM Foundation’s vision is to be the aligned, industry pipeline-focused, 501(c)(3) that extends SHFM’s impact from the workplace to institutions of learning through student education, original research and career development opportunities. Our program aims to provide support and to promote research projects that will benefit this industry, the academic community and the nurturing of students. Applications for this program were received from all over the country in 2019 and a panel narrowed the choices and selected the applications from: IUPUI / University of North Texas and University of Houston Conrad N. Hilton College. Below are the findings of the research which they outlined for us at the 2019 national conference.

Additionally, Michigan State University, our 2020 selected research partner, shares their proposed research topic below.

We are so pleased to be working with these prestigious universities!

2019 Research Results
IUPUI / University of North Texas

Research Topic: Does Workplace Happiness Matter? Examining the Relationships Between Workplace Happiness, Well-being and Employee Outcomes Among Ethnic Minority Workers in the Foodservice Industry
Research Team:

Saliena Balos, Student Researcher 
Alex Bufkin, Student Researcher 
Dr. Becky Liu-Lastres, Assistant Professor
Akriah Ray, Student Researcher 
Dr. Han Wen, Assistant Professor


2019 Research Results
University of Houston Conrad N. Hilton College

Research TopicDevelopment of an Online Food Safety Training Toolkit (FoSTT) to Enhance Low Literacy Food Handlers' Knowledge Retention
Research Team:
Karla Acosta, Ph.D. Candidate
Alberto Beiza, Research Assistant
Isabella Raschke, Student Researcher
Dr. Sujata Sirsat, Assistant Professor


2020 Research Proposal
Michigan State University

Research Topic: Comprehensive Understanding of Delight and Its Impact on the Sustainable Hospitality Business
Research Team:
Christina Heydenburg, Student Researcher
Dr. MiRan Kim, Associate Professor
Dr. Bonnie J. Knutson, Professor
Vinh Le, Student Researcher