Rising Star Spotlight - September 2017
Dawn Pass
General Manager | Sodexo, Inc.

What about the foodservice/hospitality industry intrigues you?
Sodexo says that we strive to "make everyday a better day" for those we encounter in our client environments.  In hospitality, it is our jobs to ensure that our clients and customers receive the very best care and attention. As individuals, we are not obligated to help anyone but some of us are driven to, and identify this, as having a service heart.  It is that desire to give action to the betterment of others experience that draws me into the industry.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hospitality and Food Service have been a part of my career path from a young age and in five years I hope that I am doing that from a level where I am leveraging my experience as a resource to others in the industry.

Is your current position the first you’ve held at Sodexo?
No! I started with Sodexo as a Food Service Worker in Corporate Services in 2008 as an entrance way into the company.  After becoming an Operations Manager, I switched into Senior Living and became a General Manager first in the Seniors environment.  I have now been the General Manager at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC since August of 2014.

What experience from university do you most value?
I most highly value the diversity I encountered in college.  I had lacked exposure to, or a deeper knowledge of, the experiences of those from difference cultures, races, classes, sexual and gender identity expressions.  Learning more about our differences and the way that they impact our experiences has been biding professionally and personally.

How has your involvement with SHFM helped your professional success?
Participating in the Rising Star Program through SHFM gave me a different perspective on the industry.  It gave me an opportunity to view up the scope at all the supporting industries, platforms and the visions for how we best serve the needs of our customer's moving forward.