Rising Star Spotlight - October 2017

Jonathan Ledoux
Administration Manager | Jane Street Capital

What are you most looking forward to at the upcoming National Conference?
I'm most looking forward to connecting with other SHFM members, particularly the other Rising Star award winners. I'm eager to have the opportunity to share our experiences with each other and hopefully, brainstorm new innovations I can bring to my company in 2018. Of course, Caliente Blanco should be a blast as well!

What about the foodservice/hospitality industry intrigues you?
I'm most intrigued by how hospitality can be tailored to the individual customer. Whether through technology or other means, I'm fascinated with how verbal and written communication can be refined to meet the needs of the individual. We have many types of people from all over the world in our office each week; I love thinking about how we can make their experience unique and personalized.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I still see myself at Jane Street in five years. Our company is experiencing rapid growth which makes for a challenging and dynamic work environment. We continue to expand our offices and foodservice offerings and that entices me to stay put and grow with the company over time.

What entails your current position at Jane Street Capital?
I currently co-manage a ten-member Office Administration team in New York City with former SHFM Past President, Sally Minier. As my responsibilities have expanded over time, I've also taken on a role planning events for the company as well as working on our corporate travel program.

How would you like to help grow SHFM with your role as a Rising Star?
I'm excited to be included in the Rising Star program and as this will be my first national conference, I'd like to take the opportunity to listen and learn from senior SHFM members. Their knowledge and experience will be invaluable in the future, as I hope to take on more responsibility within SHFM in order to help it grow over time.