Rising Star Spotlight
Erica Rangaard, Foodservice Director, Aramark 

You have a background in events and catering. How has this experience helped you in the corporate foodservice and workplace hospitality role you have now?
My past experience has taught me to always be thinking two steps ahead and it has increased my ability to multitask. There is never just one catering order or one event happening, I must be able to think on my feet and know what is happening in multiple locations. Now as the foodservice director I oversee five locations in four different buildings, plus an outside venue. Having the awareness of what is happening at all of the these locations only helps me be successful. 
How has the first year of your Rising Star Experience been for you, what have you gotten out of the experience? 
I have been able to participate in the SHFM Foundation calls and learning about all the incredible work they do, it has been an honor to join this committee. The Rising Star team is a remarkable group with a variety of backgrounds. I stepped into my foodservice director role shortly after conference and they had a lot of great advice and suggestions for me to be successful. 
What do you see as the biggest benefit for a young professional, like yourself, from being a member of SHFM? 
The opportunity to learn best practices from those who have been in the industry longer than I have. Not only do they have the experiences and the knowledge you strive to gain in your career, but they also want to learn from the young professionals. I am fortunate to have made so many amazing connections. 
We will have a new class of Rising Stars beginning their time in the program soon, what advice would you give these young professionals entering this program to be able to get the most out of it?
Participate as much as you can! An opportunity to be connected with colleagues from different professional backgrounds does not happen often, take advantage of every call, every conference and every volunteer opportunity that is offered. 
Finally, our traditionally final question: What and where was the best meal you have ever had?
Any meal I have ever had at Vin in the Valley has been the best meal I have ever had. Not only is the food out of this world, but the atmosphere only enhances your experience! If you are ever in Western, Wisconsin, I highly reccomend taking the scenic drive to this outdoor location.