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RC Fine Foods is a family-owned manufacturer of specialty food products including soup bases, sauce mixes, dressing mixes and dessert mixes for the food service industry.  Founded in 1972 in the garage of their family home by Rubin and Elaine Cohen, RC is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the State of New Jersey. In 2008, the business transitioned ownership to the second generation. The sibling management team of Susan Goldman, Barbara Cohen and Gary Cohen, continue to utilize the lessons and traditions instilled in us by our parents. It's how we provide flavorful, high quality products to meet the diverse needs of our industry.
Our inspiration comes from our founding partners - our parents. Together, they formed a unique business. Our father, Rubin, was the one focused on the products – the “idea” person. His goal was to create what our partners needed to succeed in their operations. The diversity of our product line today stands to show how we have continued to this tradition, but dad would have never been successful without our mother, Elaine. She was the driving force behind the business. She was the creator of the business plan that took us from the garage to our first warehouse and from there, to our current manufacturing space. Today, Susan and Barbara are the ones handling the day-to-day operations of our offices, customer service, manufacturing and warehouse.
RC is focused on how we can help make an impact all around us. In 2011, we invested in reducing our carbon footprint through renewable energy sources and more efficient energy consumption. Our solar installation has offset over 2.1 million pounds of carbon dioxide and generated over 1.6 million kWh of electricity. We also track our spending with diverse vendors to help create more opportunities for suppliers like us. We believe that small businesses, especially family-owned businesses, are the backbone of our economy. We need to support each other, especially through these challenging times.  Our unique direct ship business model, with a 1 case minimum order, allows us to partner with food service operators from the smallest to the largest locations.
We are honored to have been selected to represent women owned businesses during Women’s History Month. We are proud to have an almost 50-year history of strong female leadership and realize that we play an important role in continuing this tradition for other women starting their own businesses.
SHFM presents a unique opportunity for a women owned businesses like RC Fine Foods to be introduced to some of the largest operators in the food service industry. The challenge for any diverse business is that our smaller size is sometimes difficult for these operators to fully engage with and utilize versus larger competitors (or we get lost in the process). It is important for diverse businesses to be given the chance to show how our size is something to be embraced and that the product offering from smaller businesses gives operators options that they would not normally find in the market.

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