Kitchen to Kitchen

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Kitchen to Kitchen - Cooking at Home LIVE with SHFM!

On the Menu: Adobo-Rubbed Fish in Banana Leaves (Trucha Adobada en Hoja de Platano) accompanied with Homemade Corn Tortillas & Salsa

From our kitchen to yours, elevate your home cooking LIVE with one of SHFM’s community of professional corporate chefs. Dive into this virtual cooking class and make Adobo-Rubbed Fish and Homemade Corn Tortillas & Salsa step-by-step. Our host chefs will answer your questions LIVE along the way and you’ll have a completed dish at the end of class. Let’s cook together… enjoy a new virtual SHFM experience and finish with a delicious dish from our kitchen to your dinner table! 

Thursday, June 25
6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. (EDT)
Free but seats are limited.  Reserve your spot today!

Important Info and Materials
Prior to class, we recommend gathering your ingredients and cooking utensils/equipment. This way, you can easily access all ingredients and materials during the demo to cook right along with the Chefs.
Adobo-Rubbed Fish in Banana Leaves - Recipe, Ingredients and Equipment Needed - (Note: You may substitute parchment paper for the banana leaves)
Homemade Corn Tortillas - Recipe, Ingredients and Equipment Needed
Homemade Salsa - Recipe, Ingredients and Equipment Needed
Michelada Recipe, Ingredients and Equipment Needed (Optional Cocktail Pairing)

Get to Know the Chef Presenters

Chef Rachada Prayong-Russell
Operations Director, SodexoMagic
  • My favorite thing about being a chef is when I see people enjoy the dishes I made, especially when it's my own creation.
  • One food tip to share: A little bit of sugar helps blend some flavors.
  • My first food memory: both my parents are excellent cooks, so we spent a lot of time in the kitchen on the weekend when I was growing up. Whatever I helped them make for the day was my "new" favorite and there were so many of them.
  • The highlight of my career is all the experience I have learned at Disneyland Resort! For real!

Chef Jose Santa Ana
Executive Chef, Sodexo
  • My favorite thing about being a chef is cooking!
  • The best food tip I can give: Season as you cook; do not wait until the end.
  • My first food memory is cooking with my Mom.
  • The highlight of my career was cooking for President Obama
Chef Gustavo Vega
Culinary Director, West, Sodexo
  • Favorite thing about being a chef is getting to transform any product from Mother Earth into a beautiful dish.
  • The best food tip I can give: while making cinnamon rolls, cut them with a piece of string.
  • My first food memory is of my Mom's homemade tortillas.
  • The highlight of my career is getting to be a chef and travel around the world. I was nominated for Chef of the Year for Sodexo North America, I was in pastry competitions in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria.

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