Military/Hennessy Traveler Program

The Military/Hennessy Traveler Program was created to promote educational opportunities for members of the U. S. Armed Forces serving in hospitality assignments. The program provides encouragement and support for those members of the U.S. Armed Forces who have an interest in pursuing career opportunities in foodservice hospitality upon their departure from military service. The partnership of civilian foodservice organizations like SHFM is invaluable to the men and women in uniform that benefit from our career mentorship and ongoing advice.

SHFM is proud to have been a part of the Military Traveler Program since its inception through the legacy associations who merged to create SHFM. Our first traveler participated in 1957! Today, the tour is still designed to find the best dining facility in the Armed Forces, and in the process discover outstanding young military men and women who the evaluation team determine to be the most deserving of special recognition which consists of attending the NRA Show in Chicago for recognition and training and also attendance at the Armed Forces Forum for Culinary Excellence held at the CIA, Greystone in Napa each year.

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