One Hospitality Family

  Pamela Zimmerman
  Workplace Services Coordinator
  GBS, Global Real Estate & Workplace Enablement
  American Express

Tell SHFM members a little about yourself:
I have been happily married for over 30 years, a mother of 4 (a son, 2 daughters and a daughter-in-law) and a new grandmother (4 month old grandson). I am a singer and have had the opportunity to travel both nationally and internationally singing.  I was a back ground vocalist for Cissy Houston, the mother of Whitney Houston and had the fortune of recording with her on her gospel albums, both winning Grammys (does this make me a Grammy award winning artist? lol)  I absolutely love entertaining and cooking for my family and friends.  To me, a house filled with laugher, music and love is what makes a home. These are also key elements of hospitality. I have been a part of the American Express family for 10 years and a part of the SHFM family for about 3 years.  Finally, I am a proud recipient of the Top Women In Metro New York Foodservice & Hospitality Award for 2020.

How do you try to make an impact?
I try to be impactful by helping others to grow and be confident in their gifts, talents and abilities.  Many people hold themselves back because of fear. My daughters also love to sing and when my youngest daughter was in elementary school, she loved to enter the school talent shows. She would sing to high heaven at home but would get on the stage and sing like a little lamb.  I finally said, “If you don’t sing on that stage like you sing at home, I’m not coming to anymore talent shows.  I know what you sound like at home so don’t hold back when you get on stage.”  The next talent show, she received a standing ovation and she was so immensely proud of herself.  That’s how I try to encourage others that I know have something to say, do or offer. Don’t hold back, don’t be afraid, JUST DO IT and then watch what happens.  I am this way in every arena of my life.

What does Black History Month mean to you? 
BHM is so very important to me.  First, it helps to shine a light on the excellence of blackness.  It helps to diminish the stereotypes that some of our children have grown up seeing and thinking, this is it.  It shows the past and present of the greatness of our people and our culture. When people see better, they do better.  BHM shows us better.