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Donate to the SHFM Foundation

Giving to the SHFM Foundation are a wonderful way to remember someone special, celebrate a life event, give thanks, give back, or pay it forward.  When you give to the SHFM Foundation, not only can you honor, celebrate, or give back, but you can also provide a brighter future in our corporate foodservice and workplace hospitality industry for a worthy student. An excellent example of the way the work of the Foundation has changed lives is the SHFM Foundation scholarship that is helping Chef James Johnson to pursue his Culinary Management degree at the Art Institute of Phoenix.  Here is what he told us:


“I spent the last 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, traveling in the Middle East.  Some days, I was in situations that were very risky, but I always knew that protecting our freedom was worth the risk and fear.  I learned a lot in the military—discipline, organization, commitment to a purpose.  And what I didn’t learn there, I learned at home.

The year that I turned 11, I discovered my passion for food, and aided and abetted by my parents, I began to learn to cook.  First, it was simple breakfast dishes, like blueberry pancakes, sausage, and scrambled eggs.  Eventually, I experimented with creating my own recipes for dishes that I liked, like surf and turf tacos and other dinner favorites.  The joy that I feel in bringing my friends and family together to taste, be nourished by, and appreciate my culinary creations is a passion that I chase continuously.  That feeling gives me meaning and purpose every day of my life.  

This year, I am especially grateful to the SHFM Foundation and its members for helping me to pay for my college education and for supporting my efforts to bring joy into my life and to the lives of everyone around me.  Please accept my humble and very grateful thanks.  Winning the 2016 Scholarship Showdown competition was the highlight of my year.”    

Gifts to the SHFM Foundation are tax-deductible, charitable giving.  Give to the Foundation before December 31 and receive a tax benefit for this year.  And giving is easy.  Use this link, input your contact information on the page, click “continue”, and provide your donation.  Won’t you help the Foundation Make More Lives Better?  We know you will be glad that you did!