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Program and Panelists
Technology Trends and Innovations in the Multi-Media World
Ernie Crow, Sr. VP, TeamPeople
Ernie has enjoyed a long and varied career in multimedia production. Ernie's experience was built upon years in broadcast technical operations, news and sports, and creative services. Along the way, he has been honored with 14 regional Emmy awards for producing and editing, and national honors including a Promax/BDA Gold award and a Silver award from the New York Film and Television Festival.
Since co-founding TeamPeople in 2004, he has been instrumental in the company’s growth and expansion into emerging areas of multimedia and AV production and event support. Ernie has worked with clients ranging from the United Nations, Al Jazeera, Intel, Defense Security Service, CNN, HHS, BBC America, and BMW. As a leader, Ernie is at the forefront of new technologies and innovations in the media production industry and is a subject matter expert in producing live events. Ernie leads TeamPeople’s efforts in government contracting and business development.
Ted Giebel, Program Manager @ the IMF
Since 1996, news organizations, corporations, nonprofit groups and finally the IMF have benefited from Ted’s technical expertise in producing live and recorded events. His skills cross over all disciplines. Ted has been responsible for the audio and video output for interviews with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. President Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush, Vice Presidents Biden and Cheney and our very own Managing Director Christine Lagarde. In his current role, Ted plans, coordinates and oversees the daily operations of the broadcast audio visual team here at the Fund.
Robots for Food Service
Dr. Deepak Sekar, Founder and CEO, Chowbotics
Over the next few years, robots are expected to be commonplace in foodservice. Prices for robots are going down dramatically, minimum wage is going up and robots offer some features that are hard to get otherwise, such as 24/7 availability, consistency and food safety. In this talk, the speaker will describe various types of food robots that have been commercialized thus far. He will talk about his experience installing food making robots in more than 50 locations around the world. He will discuss benefits they have seen, challenges they have needed to overcome and his vision for the future of food robotics. In addition, he will have a food making robot at the event to drive home the point that food making robots have gone beyond science fiction – they are real and they are happening now.
Dr. Deepak Sekar is the Founder and CEO of Chowbotics, a company that makes fresh food accessible anytime, anywhere with the help of robotics. Its feature product, Sally the Robot, offers fully customizable salads, grain bowls, yogurt bowls and snack bowls 24/7 for food service establishments. There are now 50+ Sally robots across the world, utilized in locations such as offices, hospitals, universities and airports. Fast Company highlighted Sally the Robot (along with the drive-through window and Instagram!) as one of 10 restaurant innovations changing the way we eat. The New York Times called Sally the Robot one of the food trends of 2019. Prior to Chowbotics, Deepak served as a Director at Rambus Labs and as a Chief Scientist at MonolithIC 3D Inc. An inventor of more than 125 patents, he received his B. Tech from IIT Madras in 2003, MS from Georgia Tech in 2005 and PhD from Georgia Tech in 2007.