Get involved and connect while using your valuable skills and perspective with SHFM. Volunteering on a committee means the opportunity to lead the future of the Society.

SHFM is always welcoming volunteers for any of the following committees:
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council
The purpose of this council is to foster an environment that embraces diversity and inclusion at all levels within the markets we serve. With a goal to increase the diversity of membership, champion employment opportunities, highlight and encourage procurement opportunities for minority-owned business within the foodservice industry, the overarching objective is to bring awareness to diversity issues surrounding the workplace hospitality segment. Our goal is to assist, support and encourage our members to better understand the importance of diversity and what it means to our organization and industry as a whole.
CHAIR – Bobbi Capps, Aramark 

Foundation Fundraising Committee
Provides guidance and resources to help create fundraising activities for the initiatives of the SHFM Foundation. 

CHAIR – Jeanine Cosgrove-Albert, At Your Service Staffing

Local Committees
Develops and sets the direction for all SHFM Local events by establishing a program when needed for the event, as well as planning and executing successful events across the country. This set of committees represent the following SHFM Local markets:  Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, California, Texas (Dallas) and Washington, DC. New markets may be established if there is a group interested in creating an SHFM Local event in a new market. Contact Tony Butler at should you be interested in this opportunity. Provides guidance to the Membership Committee on scheduling and locations for non-local regional Meet-Ups.
 Amanda Beni, HMG+

Membership Marketing Committee
Engagement Sub-Committee
Represents, monitors and engages with the existing membership, and ensures a strong member connection that highlights the benefits of the association. Welcomes all new members through personal calls and outreach. This committee also seeks to maintain current members through personal outreach to non-renewing members.
Recruitment Sub-Committee
Recruits new members through a variety of means, including organizing regional Meet-Ups in non-local cities to enhance the presence of SHFM, two annual membership campaigns and providing ideas for opportunities to grow membership.

Membership Marketing Sub-Committee
Advises on initiatives and activities to promote the value and benefits of the association, attracts new members and builds current member awareness through work on various projects and initiatives, including Social Media Ambassadors, website projects, membership projects and the cascading of pre/post communication of various SHFM events. Drives interactive engagement through encouragement of members to like, comment or share posts through multiple platforms to build organic following.
Finally, this full committee serves as ambassadors for SHFM membership throughout their everyday business activities through interaction with potential members. 

CHAIR – Amy Franks, JLL
CO-CHAIR RECRUITMENT - Janet Adams, Fair Market, Inc.
CO-CHAIR ENGAGEMENT - Sherri Silverstein, UBS 
CO-CHAIR MEMBERSHIP MARKETING - Michael Moore, Restaurantware
If you are interested in joining one of these committees, please contact SHFM staff.