SHFM Directors' Award Recipients
The Community Service Award is given to the SHFM Member that has gone above and beyond to help support the corporate foodservice and workplace hospitality industry, as well as their local community.

The Spirit Award is presented to an individual who consistently demonstrates the qualities of loyalty, dedication and enthusiasm for the Society. 

The Rising Young Professional Award recognizes an emerging individual who has been a stand out amoung our newest members, supporting the initiatives of the Society through his or her active engagement and participation in SHFM committeess and activities. Through his or her action and career trajectory, this recipient is poised to be a future leader in the corporate foodservice and workplace hospitality industry, as well as the Society. 

The Leadership Award recognizes an individual whose work on behalf of SHFM and the corporate foodservice and workplace hospitality industry has resulted in the demonstration of outstanding leadership qualities. 

Danielle Pedersen, Community Service Award
Justin Drew, Spirit Award
Amy Bendekovits-Franks, Rising Young Professional Award
Jeanine Cosgrove-Albert, Leadership Award

Zee Moussa, Community Service Award
Davin Wickstrom, Spirit Award
Jenna Calhoun, Rising Young Professional Award
Rob Gordon, Leadership Award


Jay Silverstein, Community Service Award (Posthumously awarded in honor of the Silverstein family)
Russ Benson, Spirit Award
Rob Yayac, Rising Young Professional Award

Guido Boers, Leadership Award

Frank LaRusso, Community Service Award
Shalya Martin, Spirit Award
Raquel Weiss Fusco, Rising Young Professional Award

Sumi DeBenedittis, Leadership Award

Carolyn Milea, Community Service Award
Karen DiPeri, Spirit Award
Heather Leanna, Leadership Award

Mike Johnston, Community Service Award
Jeanine Cosgrove-Albert, Spirit Award
Melanie Marken, Leadership Award

Sally Minier, Community Service Award
Wendy Powell, Spirit Award
Charlene Goff, Leadership Award

Marcia Austero, Community Service Award
Nahum Goldberg, Spirit Award
Tod Nissle, Spirit Award
Chris Ivens-Brown, Leadership Award

Dick Hynes, Community Service Award
Genevieve Stona, Spirit Award
Barbara Kane, Leadership Award

Dan McCaffrey, Community Service Award
Holly Von Seggren, Spirit Award
Ira Kaplan, Leadership Award

Damian Monticello, Spirit Award
Andrew Shakman, Leadership Award

Steve Norgren, Spirit Award
Industry Advisory Board, Community Service Award
Bernadette Ventura, Leadership Award

Sumi DeBenedittis, Spirit Award
Ron Tremper, Community Service Award
Tracy Kelly, Leadership Award

Hollie Wooldridge, Spirit Award
Thomas D. Newcomb, Leadership Award

Margaret Stefanek, Spirit Award
Ruediger J. Flik, Leadership Award

Sandy Smith, Spirit Award
Owen Moore, Leadership Award

Maria Morabito, Spirit Award
Victoria Vega, Spirit Award
Amy Greenberg, Leadership Award
Jay B. Silverstein, Leadership Award

Michael Sweet, Spirit Award
Gary Wingard, Spirit Award
Ruediger Flik, Community Service Award
Dick Hynes, Leadership Award

Ed Daniels, Spirit Award
Gayle Swain, Spirit Award
Mark Maloney, Community Service Award
Carol Bracken Tilley, Leadership Award

Laura Lozano, Spirit Award
Christine Dozal, Spirit Award
Bernie Brewster, Community Service Award
Char Norton, Leadership Award

Blake Swihart, Spirit Award
Dan Cramer, Community Service Award
Ed Sirhal, Leadership Award

David Magill, Spirit Award
Steve Follett, Spirit Award
Pat Burke, Community Service Award
John Zillmer, Leadership Award

Rod Collins, Spirit Award
Sam Taffet, Community Service Award
Jerry White, Leadership Award

David Davidson, Spirit Award
Elliot Katz/Ira Kaplan, Community Service Award
Dick Kresky, Leadership Award

Jerry White, Spirit Award
Matt Merson, Community Service Award
Lisa Hennefarth, Rising Star Award
Richard Ysmael, Leadership Award

Jan Feinberg/Lauren Hogan, Spirit Award
Joseph Pert/Mitch Schechter, Community Service Award
Curtis Lease, Rising Star Award
Rudiger Flik, Leadership Award

Patricia Burke, Spirit Award
Joseph Fleming, Community Service Award
Mary Hofer, Special Achievement Award
Thomas Lackmann, Leadership Award

Lary Ellstein, Spirit Award
Patty Guist, Community Service Award
Glenwood Davis, Rising Star Award

Julie Barber, Spirit Award
David Schrader, Spirit Award
Sue Deyo, Community Service Award
Vince Feehan, Member Achievement Award

Nora Lyons, Community Service Award
David Hatch, Member Achievement Award
Richard Ysmael, International Representation
Beryl Yuhas, International Representation

Robert Kilgore, Community Service Award
Sally Luck, Community Service Award
Debi Benedetti, Member Achievement Award
Prescott Slee, Association Representation

Kathy Elderton
David Magill

No awards given

Lenora Bowen
Joseph DeScenza
Susan Deyo
Roger King
David Tucker
Beryl Yuhas