Distributing Publications and Promotional Materials
Distribution of brochures, fact sheets, advertising, industry publications and promotional materials is not allowed during the conference except for companies participating in the official conference sponsorship program. Distribution of these materials by sponsors is allowed only within the guidelines of the sponsorship program.

Scheduling Non-SHFM Functions
Events that conflict with officially sponsored SHFM events or educational programming are not allowed during the conference. This includes hospitality suites, cocktail/dinner events, special breakfasts, focus groups or similar events.
Members or non-members who violate this policy will receive the following:
  • First offense, writing warning and notification of the offense with information on what occurs with second or third offense.
  • Second offense, loss of ability to sponsor any SHFM event or attend the national or critical issues conference.
  • Third offense, loss of membership.

Continuing Education Credits
The conference program will be submitted for approval to the Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI) for continuing education credits.

Please email us at shfm@hqtrs.com.
General Questions (including Registration and Membership) – Candice Zavatsky (502) 574-9931
Media Inquiries – Tony Butler (502) 574-9951
Sponsorship Opportunities – Michelle Romero (502) 574-9036