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Dunkin' Brands Chairman, Jon Luther sat down with SHFM to answer some questions about customer service, marketing and his favorite ice cream flavor.

SHFM: How do you satisfy customers that seek quality, convenience, and value in a quick service restaurant?

Luther: My philosophy in retaining customers has always been ....light them up from the street (meaning... Have an interesting look as they pass back to draw their attention)....then warm them up with the interior look (to create a comfortable visit).....then you bring them back with great food and service!!! It is constant practice to bring harmony to those three elements.

SHFM: What does values-based leadership mean?

Luther: Values based leadership is the foundation for practicing solid leadership. Values such as " Do the right thing"...honesty....character ...respect...point leaders to true north .....and become the way they are judged by everyone who comes in contact with them. A leader without values is not a leader for long....

SHFM: How can onsite dining locations be more effective in marketing to their prospective customers?

Luther: For on site to be effective in marketing to customers is.... never believe their customers are captive or captured. If that becomes a belief, management teams become complacent and take their customers for granted. Compete as if you are fighting for share with everyone who has a chance to steal a visit from you.

SHFM: What does SHFM need to do to grow its membership base?

Luther: Create compelling value.

SHFM: 31 flavors at Baskin-Robbins - what is your favorite? And what donut would go well with that?

Luther: For me, Pralines n' Cream is my favorite BR ice cream......and donuts.... only with our great coffee....Boston Creme for me!!