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Benchmarking Study

2013 SHFM Benchmarking Study
(Available to Non-Members for $750)
Corporate Dining has released the latest installment of the SHFM Onsite Foodservice Benchmarking Study. Begun in the mid-1990s, the inputs have been gathered in sufficient repetition to be considered industry standards. This is the fourth study report, offering 402 usable entries and utilizing new data sorts for population and geographic regions of the United States.
Notably, the 2013 Study is the first one conducted after the economic decline of 2008 and 2009. The 2008 Study reflected data from 2007, well prior to the decline, and the 2010 Study reflects the 2009 data, the lowest part of the economic decline. This data reflects the time when the economy is on the mend and the changes that the Dining Services Operators made in an effort towards continuous improvement.
We greatly appreciate the time and effort of the participants. Special thanks go to those members who spearheaded the data gathering activity.
Remember this is critical data to evaluation and improvement …use it for self-examination, translate your comparisons into recommendations that improve your methods and use the benchmarks to recognize the success of your dining services teams.

Click here to download the full 2013 SHFM Benchmarking Study. If you know of a non-member who would be interested in this study, please refer them to SHFM Headquarters.

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