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Member Spotlight

This month’s Member Spotlight features Thomas Calvo, Director of Foodservices at AIG. Thomas answered several questions for us.
What is the biggest challenge you face in business (as the Foodservice Director for AIG), and how do you manage it?
My biggest challenge here at AIG is managing space as it relates to our café’ seating. We frequently have to use the café’ as a multi function space for town halls, meetings and conferences. Operating within a very limited real estate footprint consistently creates challenges for customer seating in our café’ and utilizing the space for multiple events. We manage the space when seating is unavailable by offering take-out service only along with delayed opening and closing times based on events. We will also offer grab and go menu items in our lobby Starbucks kiosk for our customers.
What is the most valuable benefit from your membership with SHFM?
Networking with colleagues in similar client roles and responsibilities is very beneficial in the sharing of information and industry trends.
Why did you join SHFM?
I joined SHFM to be able to expand my knowledge in all areas of our industry and meet fellow foodservice professionals to discuss food trends, vendor management, sustainability, and space planning.
How did you get your start in the industry?
My first job after graduating Johnson & Wales in 1990 was a kitchen manager position at TGI Fridays where I met my wife. I then soon began my corporate dining career in a chef/manager position with a New Jersey based shipping company. In 1997 I began my career here at AIG as a chef, unit manager, assistant director and now my current foodservice director role.
What and where was the best meal you ever had?
The best meal I ever had was on my honeymoon in Disney’s Grand Floridian signature restaurant (Victoria & Albert’s). Whenever and wherever I can find a good spot my passion has and will always be good BBQ……..

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