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Get involved and connect while using your valuable skills and perspective with SHFM.  Volunteering on a committee means the opportunity to lead the future of the Society.

SHFM is always welcoming volunteers for any of the following committees:
Foundation Fundraising Committee
Provides guidance and resources to help create fundraising activities for the initiatives of the SHFM Foundation. 

Marketing Committee
Approves and advises marketing initiatives and activities, attracts new members and retains current members through the following sub-committees:
Membership Committee
Recruits new members, represents and monitors the needs of the existing membership, and ensures a strong membership structure and benefits package through the following sub-committees:
SHFM Local Committees
Develops and sets the direction for all SHFM Locals by establishing a program database and Local guidelines.  Oversees the following SHFM Locals:  Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, San Francisco, Texas (Dallas or Houston) and Washington, DC.

TREND Committee
Develops online learning and development opportunities for our members through the following sub-committees:
 If you are interested in joining one of these committees, please contact SHFM staff.


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